Second Chances Recovery Homes are upscale men and women’s sober living homes in Austin, Texas

Stop cycles of addiction & start a new life – body, mind, and spirit.

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Free your Mind

Get helpful book studies, insight from guest speakers, and a twelve-step recovery program that will retrain your thinking and help you recover from addiction.

Heal your body

Clear your body from the effects of addiction with help from doctors and medicine. Get exclusive access to medicine that can clear your body from Hep C and help fight the option of substance abuse.

empower your spirit

Engage your spirit with morning meditations and embark on a journey that will help heal wounds and trauma from the past that may contribute to addiction cycles today.

More than just a place to live:
A holistic approach to long-term recovery...

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Live & stay clean with guidance,
support, accountability and community.

NARR and TROHN Certified

Certified by the National Association of Recovery Residences & Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network Member. We've earned a national reputation for our post-primary work. Find out more at Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network.

Experienced staff and resources

Our staff is experienced in substance abuse treatment and many of us have attained long term sobriety. Get equipped for a new life with marketplace advisors and chaplains. Find friends who are winning the fight and facing the same challenges.

Dedicated doctors who can help

We work closely with doctors and addictionologists who can prescribe medicine like Suboxone. These drugs are for extreme cases but can help break the cycle of addiction. All medication is overseen by a supervisor so there’s no danger to replace one habit with another.

A great lifestyle doesn't stop when you get sober...
It starts when you get clean.

Take advantage of the best of what Austin has to offer.
Find yourself close to the city's main attractions, including coffee houses, live music, parks, shopping and restaurants...

And don't skimp on any of the modern conveniences, either. Our homes feature onsite washer-dryers, large common areas, a fully equipped kitchen and free wifi.

What Residents Say

"I've gained my family back."

"I didn't know any different life but to use for all of my problems. I noticed I started really tearing my family apart...

But after living at Second Chances, I realize now I've gained my family back... I'm getting involved with knowing about my kids and knowing about myself...At first I thought I could never get away from my past, but...I have a brand new me. Every day I can wake up and I'm not living the old life anymore. I can live for today and the future."

- Richard, Men's house graduate

"The staff is dynamite."

"I'm more than 18 months clean. Living at Second Chances has strengthened me and my life. It was a breakthrough to come to Second Chances. The dynamite."

- Will, Men's house graduate

"Clean for the first time."

"I'm 100 days clean. I've NEVER been able to say that before in my life."

- Sasha, Women's house resident

Get into a home today. Call 512.265.5311

Contact us to book your space in our homes for men or women.